Reporting app running alongside NWN2

Rogue Dao Studios‘ “Planescape: Purgatorio” is a massive project — right now, it has more areas than any of the official Neverwinter Nights 2 campaigns.  Testing a campaign of this size needs to be as efficient as possible, so I made this tool to provide testers with one-click bug reporting, along with a server-side moderation interface that integrates with MantisBT.  Feel free to look at the hook code.

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Heatmap Generator

Heatmap generator frontend

I created a tool to generate heatmaps from location data overlaid on a Neverwinter Nights area minimap, though the code is generally reusable for any similar application.  I invite you to read the original blog post about it or download the C# source code.

NWNX Plugins

The Neverwinter Nights eXtender, or NWNX, modifies the hardcoded behavior of the Neverwinter Nights server, allowing persistent world developers to do things that would otherwise be impossible.  My contributions include overriding the behavior of healing kits, player lists, and skill/ability/attack bonus caps (nwnx_fixes) and maintaining the plugin that enables transfer of character files between remote servers (nwnx_vaultster).

The Gray Waste

The Gray Waste was a Neverwinter Nights persistent world that I hosted from 2005 to 2008 and led for most of 2008. This meant wearing a haberdasher’s full complement of hats — configuring and tweaking Apache, phpBB, and MediaWiki, designing new areas and systems, writing scripts as varied as death systems and city council elections, extracting useful reports from metrics stored in MySQL, coordinating a team, and sometimes even finding time to DM or play.

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